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Electric Storage

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Hot Water Maintenance Sydney & Wollongong can Service and Install new Electric hot water systems, we can supply you with any major brand that best suits your home.

Electric storage water heaters are ideal for use, with money saving off-peak tariffs available in a range of sizes to suit most needs. Whether you’re a small family on a budget or a larger family with a big demand for hot water, Hot Water Maintenance Sydney & Wollongong has the best solution that is right for your home or Business.

If you do not have gas on site, or if Solar is too expensive, having a traditional Electric Hot Water maybe your only option for your home or business.

Electric Storage Hot Water Systems Facts:

  • You don’t have gas on site?
  • Is Solar is Too Expensive to install?
  • New Stainless Steel Range
  • Cheap to rum (off peak tariff)
    • Cheap to repair

Best Selling Electric Hot Water Systems Available:

Electric Storage - Rheem Electric Stainless Steel Range - Hot Water Maintenance

Rheem Electric Stainless Steel Range & Rheem Glass Range are the Biggest Selling hot water systems in Australia.
Rheem Hot Water Systems is Australia’s favourite and No. 1 Brand with Australian families. Rheem is Australia’s favourite hot water system since 1939 when Rheem started making water heaters in Australia. Generations of Australian families have relied on Rheem for hot water that comes on steady, hot and strong!

Rheem Australia hot Water systems are made here locally in Rydalmere NSW Australia

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Electric Storage - Dux Hot Water - Hot Water Maintenance Sydney & Wollongong

Dux Hot Water is Australia’s largest locally owned hot water manufacturer.
Since 1915, the Dux range has seen continuous research and development, resulting in many breakthroughs in the efficiency, reliability and longevity of hot water systems. Dux is committed to producing high quality products and to the on-going development of new products.

Dux water heaters are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in the Southern Highlands, using a Quality Endorsed Company production system. This assures that customers have purchased the highest quality water heater available, one that will provide continuous hot water for all needs – safely, economically, and for many years to come.

Electric Storage - Aquamax - Hot Water Maintenance Sydney & Wollongong

AquaMAX Hot Water Systems
New range of Stainless Steel Hot Water have revolutionised the way hot water systems are designed,  Aquamax have a variety of options for your choice in hot water,  mains pressure storage options as well as continuous flow solar and heat pumps. AquaMAX energy and water efficient water heaters use the latest technology, backed by five and ten year cylinder warranties. All Aquamax Hot Water systems are made at their Melbourne Base factory in Moorabbin VIC 3189, Australia

Electric Storage - Vulcan - Hot Water Maintenance Sydney & Wollongong

is high quality and performance at a very affordable price. Three very good reasons why Vulcan is such a popular choice for reliable water heating.

Vulcan is built with the best: Quality materials and proven technology combine to make Vulcan a great choice for reliable water heating.

Vulcan is tough: The Vulcan storage cylinder is made from high strength steel able to withstand varying water and heating cycle pressures.

Vulcan is adaptable: The balanced flue and durable steel jackets make Vulcan gas models easy to install and easy to live with. They can be installed on an approved base against the wall or recessed into a wall cavity.

Vulcan’s inside story is just as strong: A ceramic lining is bonded on the inside of the cylinder providing protection against varying water conditions.

Electric Storage - Rinnai - Hot Water Maintenance Sydney & Wollongong

has an extensive range of Electric hot water systems that cater for all Australian households. Each range has specific and unique benefits including highly innovative efficiencies, versatility as well as guaranteed reliability.

Rinnai Hotflo – the preferred choice for the trade.

Our hardworking range of single and twin element HOTFLO Electric hot water storage systems are available in various capacities. From our super compact 25 litre unit, through to our super-sized 400 litre storage cylinder, there’s a tank for every home or business.

Electric Storage - Hot Water Maintenance Sydney & Wollongong

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